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Just to let you know...almost 6 months. :)



I attended the seminar about 2 Months ago in Bangalore and haven't smoked ever since. I like it this way. The efficacy of Allen Carr's thought process lies in one not quitting but going back in time to when you were a non-smoker and to achieve the same stage today. Eventually there is nothing missing as it never existed. A well-scripted and spread-out 1-day seminar. Interactive & enlightening. I would recommend this seminar to all who want a healthier lifestyle and surely a day well spent.

Anish Anand, Bangalore


My name is Gail Sinha. I am based in Bangalore and am a senior marketing professional with a leading American MNC that has spawned some of the world's most well known brands.
I was a 20+ cigarettes/day smoker, smoked for close to 17 years, absolutely 'enjoyed' being a smoker and had never given up smoking for more than a day and honestly, I had no real intention of quitting.....after all the cigarette was my friend.
I decided to attend the 'Easyway' program on a lark. Perhaps, it was also a means to tell my mother & all those who wanted me to quit that I did take steps to quit but it did not work out (as I did not believe the program would work!). However, another reason I chose to attend was to respond to that small part of me that wanted to quit someday. Despite my fears, I enrolled. I decided to give it my best shot, keep an open mind, soak in the program and go with the flow.... I was curious to see what came out of it.
And I am a changed person. It's been 9 months and I am a gloriously happy & delighted non-smoker. I HAPPILY gave up smoking, it was UNBELIEVABLY EASY, I WAS NOT FORCED into anything, there was NO PAIN in giving up and i know that I have KICKED THE HABIT FOR LIFE. All thanks to the EASYWAY method. What did I gain from giving up smoking?
1. I made some people close to me unbelievably happy
2. I breathe better, I smell better, I look better, I taste better, I don't stink of stale cigarettes. I am unbelievably healthy.
3. I do not have stained teeth and my dental issues have vanished
4. A tremendous sense of power that I can achieve anything
5. A realisation of how much that 'damned stick' controlled all aspects of my life
6. A great respect for the power of the mind - that is what this program does, it gives you plain 'ole simple logic and creates a shift in your mind.
7. Over and above it all, I am a truly HAPPY NON-SMOKER
Don't think too much about attending the program, just DO IT. You would have given yourself the best gift ever. And yes, I recovered the cost of the program in a month and a half (from the money I would have otherwise spent on cigarettes).....the program is worth every last rupee.
My good wishes to each of you who choose to attend & my prayers for those of you who decide to do the program 'later'..

Gail Sinha, Bangalore


I was a hard core committed smoker from my first year of engineering. Cigarette was a part of my life. I heard about Allan Carr's methods from the internet and thought how could somebody make "me" quit smoking? Impossible! My wife tried, she did not speak to me for 3 months continuously, but, still, I did not quit smoking.
Well, after 18 years of smoking continuously @ 15~20 Cigarettes/day, I quit smoking from one Sunday 7/26/09, (4 pm onwards)... The reason: Below 8 hours course:
Easyway to stop smoking
I really appreciate the extensive studies these people have done on smokers, in understanding them and their feelings. This is what makes them a success story.
Well, financially speaking, I would spend about 2K on cigarettes every month, well, spending 5K for 8 hrs course is worth it? Well, it is......surely worth it. Since I am saving 2K/ every month from the day I quit smoking.

Shivakumar.S Team Lead. Mahindra Satyam, Bangalore


I attended ALLEN CARR'S Easyway to Quit Smoking seminar on the 26th Of Nov. 2008. Ever since then I have not touched a cigarette till date, nor have I had the urge to have one. I had been an AVOID smoker since 1984...it took me almost 24 years to give up this ridiculous "habit" which I thought I would never be able to do. I would like to thank Suresh from the bottom of my heart who has changed my life in more than one way. He made it so ridiculously easy for me to quit this nightmare. Thank you Allen Carr, thank you Suresh for giving me a new beginning in my life. It is never too late to quit smoking......

Sanjay Jain, Trust House Securites Limited, Kolkata


"Hi I am Rajendra Prasad, I'm working as an Area Manager for a sales-driven Consumer Durable company. As a smoker have you ever wondered how life would be if you quit smoking?

Have you ever imagined yourself standing amongst a group of smokers and not feel the urge to smoke? I was one of those smokers who always used to think that quitting smoking was IMPOSSIBLE…until I attended Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking seminar.

Today I'm happy to say that I'm a proud NON-smoker and always think how funny I looked when I was a smoker.

There is absolutely no way I would have believed anyone who told me that I could quit smoking because until a few months back I was convinced I would die smoking."

Rajendra Prasad, Bangalore


If a good friend hadn't quite smoking through Easyway, I would never have believed it possible that a single day's session could make you stop smoking - and that too, with an ease that I can scarcely believe. But since my friend had quit, I decided that it was finally time at least to give it a try - and I went with a lot of hope but very low expectations.
To my disbelief, at the end of that day I did quit, and I haven't so much as felt a pang in the nearly four weeks since. And it wasn't magic or mumbo jumbo that did the job but the clear and rational way of looking at smoking that opened my eyes and surprised me into seeing this habit for what it was - and also how easily one could be rid of it.
There's not a day now when I don't feel happy about making the choice to try Easyway, especially when I am running - better, longer and stronger than ever. I am finally free after 25 years of slavery.

Akila, New Delhi


First I need to thank you for giving me a smoke-free life. I was not aware that it is so easy to give up smoking till I went through your wonderful therapy.
My life was revolving around my cigarettes; I was a slave to my habit of nicotine. The killer drug.
Now I am free and feel younger and more energetic. I have started loving my work and my life which had become so boring.
My near and dear ones are safe, happy and thankful to you for giving me a smoke free life.
I personally recommend this to every smoker in the world .IT DOES WORK
Thank you once again
God Bless

Sanjay Bajaj, Mumbai


"Quitting smoking was something I knew I had to do. I just didn't want to. And didn't know how to because I'd already tried everything on the market. Typically it was a love/hate relationship. Biting the bullet, I registered for your seminar in Nov 2005. My sister Jody surprised me by registering at the last minute to "support "me. Se had absolutely no desire to quit, in fact she considered herself a confirmed smoker and even admitted she fully intended to start smoking again once I had successfully quit. The Allen Carr's Easyway office even advised her against registering since she wasn't quitting for herself. Her only goal was to see me succeed. ("Don't I have the best sister in the world?) Well, I succeeded but the bigger success story is my sister! That was over two years ago and neither of us has had any desire to smoke since. Unbelievably amazing!"

Debbie Naroff Scott, Ramsey, NJ, USA


"Five months with absolutely no problem. i can't believe how easy it has been. several people continue to question me about how I quit. They are amazed by my story and, I suspect, envious."

Jenny Crawford, Billings, Montana


"I completed your course in Vancouver. The results have been incredible. Although I have only quit for two months, it feels like ten years. I'm a non-smoker for the first time in 25 years and loving every minute of it."

Bruce Jackson, Vancouver, BC


"I'm celebrating 1 year smoke-free and can?t believe how simple it has been. I wanted to say thanks for being instrumental in helping me to make the most important and wonderful decision of my life."

Jamie Frame, New York

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